• Clinically proven to prevent Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding [1]
  • Easy to use gel capsule – simply clip off the top and squeeze the contents of the capsule into the baby’s mouth
  • Waste friendly delivery system – no sharps for easy, efficient disposal
  • Convenient once a week dose [2]
Further Information

NeoKay is a preservative-free supplement of Vitamin K, manufactured to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for babies.

Each weekly Neokay capsule contains 1mg Vitamin K dissolved in a pure fraction of coconut oil.

Children who are wholly or largely fed with breast milk should receive Vitamin K on the second day following birth until and including the third month of their lives.

1. Wariyar U, et al. Six years’ experience of prophylactic oral vitamin K. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 2000; 82: F64-F68.
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