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Formed in 2007 to develop paediatric, specialist nutritional and niche products for the healthcare market, its directors and co-founders, Doctors Andrew Brodrick and Rod Adams, are highly experienced Pharmaceutical Executives and have an outstanding reputation for innovation and providing solutions for healthcare professionals.
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NeoKay Drops

Designed to provide recommended daily amount of Vitamin K for breast fed infants

NeoKay Capsules

NeoKay Capsules

A nutritional supplement that has been specially developed to provide Vitamin K



Dextrogel is an easy-to-use oral gel containing 40% Dextrose



Neomag is given to supplement magnesium levels when the level of magnesium in the body is too low.

Dr Andrew Brodrick
Prior to establishing his own company Andrew was an NHS Pharmacist in Birmingham and North Yorkshire

Dr Rod Adams

Rod has worked for a number of pharmaceutical companies since graduating

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